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Hello! My name is Rob Balsewich. I am an acrylic painter and digital artist from Chicago, Illinois and based in Boulder, Colorado. I graduated from University of Colorado Boulder in August 2021 with a BA in Art Practices and Psychology. The following year, I completed a Post-Baccalaureate Program in Painting and Drawing at CU Boulder, and I plan to enroll in a MFA Program in the near future.


I have been making art since a young child, beginning with drawing and coloring. I have continued my art education throughout my schooling, studying and making art all throughout high school and college. I have explored art through various mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art.

My interest in digital art began in college, when I was required to compose a digital sketchbook for a Studio Arts course. I quickly grew fond of this new medium's possibilities and began doing freelance work designing tour posters for local bands and creating pet portraits for my friends. I am continually impressed with digital media, yet I am drawn to physical mediums, for I seek the release of bodily energy when creating art.

Critical and collaborative thinking is crucial to my artmaking process. Often times I must talk through an idea aloud and listen to the voices of others to explore every avenue of that idea. Currently, I am most interested in testing the boundaries of visual nourishment. We receive so much visual input during a day, yet our attention often departs us, demanding something more interesting. I seek to create an art piece that is as nourishing to look at as it is to make.

My work spawns at the intersection of physical intuition and visual gratification. As my hand moves paint across canvas on a whim, my eyes judge the resulting images and decide the next move. In a venture of personal fulfillment, I create art of imagined landscapes, grotesque self-portraits, and multisensory environments. As I seek to encapsulate emotions of immense magnitude, reflection, solace, or frustration, I offer a lens into my own personal journey of self-actualization.

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